Neon signs are not unique to America but their style in Austin is distinctly American.

Like most people from Austin, I’m not from Austin but unlike most people from Austin, I’m not from America. For outsiders like me, these signs are particularly captivating. Each photo I take spark different memories from the venues. Tastes come back to me, conversations flood back to memory, and the people I spent time with or met there become present. It makes me smile. 

These feelings give similar buzz that the signs do. Vibrant, full of energy and color. Though, they’re not always happy. Some days just aren’t yours and that’s fine. It’s the fact that art can spread your emotions across a spectrum that makes it so special. And the variety of feelings; nostalgia you can get from seeing a sign, or a picture of it, makes it even more meaningful. The way it can wind the clock back and give you a taste of the past is marvelous. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and that each sign carries different meaning and memories.